On the 23rd of November 2012, 32 students of the course “Distributed Systems I” of the Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics at the University of Patras, Greece, started their participation in one of the two pilots that were developed within the context of the ABC4Trust project. This pilot is about remote evaluation of courses that students have attended throughout the semester, using “minimal disclosure” technologies that the ABC4Trust project developed in a reference implementation. Students are allowed to evaluate the course in the end of the semester after proving, anonymously, that they have attended the course sufficiently many times (i.e. over a preset attendance threshold), that they are students of the University, and that they have registered for the course under evaluation. The students have smart cards which they use in order to collect attendance units in class by passing the cards near a contactless reader of a class attendance application. After the semester has ended, they will use their smart cards in order to prove to the course evaluation system their eligibility to participate in the evaluation of the course.

This group of students will use the Idemix technology developed by IBM. Another group of 32 students will soon start their participation too, using the U-Prove technology introduced by Microsoft. We expect that after the pilot has ended (beginning of fall 2013) the students will be able to give accurate opinions from the users’ perspective. These opinions will enable the ABC4Trus consortium to proceed to enhancements of the reference implementation that will take account the students’ opinions towards increased usability, user friendliness, and ease of use.

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