The second round of the Patras pilot started on the 4th of November 2013  and will last until mid of February 2014. The participants are 59 volunteers who attend the course “Distributed Systems I” of the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics, at the University of Patras. They have already obtained their Smart Cards and, according to the pilot scenarios, have received their first attendance unit in the lecture room, on the 4th of November. Their entry to the pilot system is the portal residing in The students can, also, download from there a students' manual that describes all the details relevant to their participation in the pilot.

Before the start of the pilot, the students were shown brief introductory slides on the concepts of Privacy-ABCs, the goals of the pilot as well as the use cases.  After the end of the slide presentation, the lecturer and CTI members initiated an open discussion related to the concepts of Privacy-ABCs, the objectives of the project and the scenarios of the pilot. Their interest in the pilot as well as the Privacy-ABCs was high and we expect them to give, in the end, a very helpful evaluation of the technology they used.

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